Indian Technicians are Needed Internationally


The repairing industry has grown a lot over the years. The value of the local services sector in India is now approximately $60 billion a year. It is hard to imagine the value of this sector around the world. Because of the consistently rising value of the internet and purchasing power, the demand for repair services will keep rising. Requirements of certain gadgets in the household daily and its upkeep and maintenance plus the variety of electronic and digital appliances available and in use simply translate into an ever increasing demand for technical repair and handyman services.

Repairing is in demand everywhere, because every machine will need to be repaired someday. This is the digital age and no one toady can live without a cell phone. Products need to be repaired everywhere. In western countries, there is a lack of good repair technicians. Technicians there are not aware about repair beyond the basics. It is a good thing that Indian technicians are well versed with their stuff because this creates a demand for them in these western countries. Repair helps to save money as well as electronic waste. Unfortunately, because of the lack of good repair services out there, people generally just purchase a new phone instead of getting their old one repaired. Indian technicians that procure jobs outside the country manage to do very well for themselves. This might just be an option for them to look into.

It is sad to say but a repair technician might also be valued more outside the country. Unfortunately, although the sector is growing in our country, it is extremely disorganized. Indian technicians end up believing that they aren’t good enough for the world because thats what society has made them believe. Every repair technician has a huge scope internationally. Developed countries have not been focusing on smaller repairs because it was a field which never got highlighted. This gap can be filled up by our technicians. It is also easier now for an Indian technician to find a job outside the country because of online job portals.

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